About Me

Hello. and welcome to my website.

Most of my clients call me “John the Handyman.” Not too bad as far as nicknames go.

I am the type of person with a natural ability see a vision of how a project can turn out and then communicate clearly with you a plan we both can agree with. Creative, intelligent and highly principled, I like to think I have good sense of humor and an entirely unselfish attitude. A little bit of an extrovert, I do get excited at times and might come on a little strong about a fun project, but only with genuine interest and compassion in mind.  People who know me, love me, and I like to think of my clients as friends.

You can learn more about my ENFP personality type at https://www.16personalities.com/enfp-personality .

Red River Builders LLC is locally owed and operated business based in Coushatta LA, Red River Parish and has been in business since 2010.

Next: The areas that I cover and any travel rates that may apply.