And yet another deck makeover.

This client had three decks. One in the front of the house (See Below Photo) and two in the back. I wish I had taken a before  pictures of the back deck  but sometimes I forget to do a before photo, so all I have is the before of the front deck.

All the decks have never been painted and were starting to show cracks and warping. The back deck cover had many leaks and a few rotten boards that had to be replaced because the installers drilled the roof screws in the wrong place. In the end, I had to support the deck cover, seal the old screws and install new screws after repairing the rotten beams.

All of the decks needed power washing and sanding. Two decks needed a lot of wood filler and after the first coat of paint, we caulked for appearance and to keep moister out.

The hardest part was trying to time the painting so the hot sun was not on the paint while it was drying.  The client used Home Depot solid stain. The Stain was good to work with. The second coat dried fast but the directions warned the stain was prone to cracking if applied too thickly. I saw this too when a view drips died up on the trellis.