Professional Handyman (Shreve, Bossier, Coushatta and more)

John the handyman: I cover Shreveport, Bossier, Red River and De Soto Parishes. I do go farther on rare occasions.

“On time – Done right” That’s my motto.

On- time? I call before I arrive and let you know if I am running a little late. You know when I am going to be there. No waiting around! I arrive ready to work with all my tools ready to go.

Done Right? Call me “Old School” but I take pride in a job well done. It’ what makes my line of work rewarding. Being able to stand back and say. “Awesome!”

My rates are very low. Just $25 per hour and a little extra for gas if I am driving to Shreveport or north Bossier City. (Which I do often) Bottom line, fair prices for great work.

I keep you informed of the progress and explain things in clear terms.
If I don’t know how to do something or don’t feel comfortable with the work, I will say so! Sometimes even “I” have to do a little research or ask for advice. As long as it gets done right!  I am upfront and honest and I never have to worry about remembering anything I said.

No money upfront unless supplies are going to cost more then I happen to have. Sometimes I have lots of money around, sometimes not. But I usually always have a few hundred around somewhere. ( Tip: Home Depot will take your credit card info directly from you over the phone for supplies needed for the job. Lowes will not.)

You can visit my website at for more information.

Give me a call

John the handyman 318-four two two – 3535

*****What to Expect ****

When you call me and ask if I do a certain type of work. We then briefly talk about the project and if sounds doable, I will go ahead and get your name, address, phone numbers and enter it into my notebook. I then ask if your address will pull up in my GPS. Sometimes I get your “Best time to call”

We then set up a time for me to either come take a look at what you have or for me to start working. It depends on what it is. If I have a job in the morning and you want to meet in the afternoon or evening, there is always the risk of me running late of even having to cancel. Many times a client will request more work and by the time I make it to you it be much later. So sometimes it’s best if we meet in the morning or on a day I do not have anything scheduled.

**** Payment ******
I like to settle up when the work is done or at least once a week for any that hours put into the project. I can even swipe a credit card on my smart phone. My wife does all the bookkeeping and can send you an invoice if you need one when the job id done or I can hand write you on one site. All payments go to my business acct (BreVanas LLC.) Even cash. This has been my full time job for the last three years and I still I love it. I pay taxes and report all income.

****** Services Offered (If you don’t see it, ask) ******

Top services I get request for are…

#1 Painting. I love to paint and caulk.
#2 Deck Builds and repair. I do an awesome job restoring old decks.
#3 The “Honey-do list” Odds and ends that cover all sorts of little things.
#4 Roof repair and leaks.Not my favorite thing to do but I do a good job.
#5 Door installation. Sometimes hard but I am good at it.
#6 Power Washing. I like power washing. It’s fun and relaxing.

Other Things…

Appliance Installation
Bathroom Remodeling
Bird Houses.
Light carpentry. I have never worked as a framer but I am “highly” skilled with all the tools.
Caulking & Sealing ( I am very good at caulking)
Ceiling Fans. Kind of a pain sometimes put at least it’s indoors.
Ceiling Lighting. Easier then ceiling fans.
Closet Organizers. Fun
Computer Component Installation ( I did this full time for 15 years )
Curtain Rods Hung. You don’t want to do this. Call me.
Decks & Porches (Repairs and painting too. I am awesome at this. )
Doghouses Built & Installed. Sure, why not.
Doorbell Installation.
Doors Installed. I get a lot of calls for this. It’s major pain. But I am very good at it.
Drywall. I am good at the small jobs. Textures can sometimes be hard to match perfectly.
Exercise Equipment Assembly. Second nature for me.
Exhaust Fans and Vents. No problem.
Faucet Installation. Can be a pain sometimes but usually not too bad.
Fences. Mostly I do ceder fencing.
Flooring. Laminate, Vinyl, Ceramic. For carpet and big ceramic tile jobs, I bring in my partner and do on weekends.
Garbage Disposal Installation.
Grab Bars.
Gutters Installed, Cleaned & Repaired
Gutter Guards Installed
Help with Holiday Decorations.
House Numbers and Flags
Ice Maker Water Supply Lines
Install Hot Water Heaters
Install Smoke Detectors
Light Fixtures Installed
Light Hauling
Locks & Dead Bolts
Mailboxes and Posts
Minor Electrical
Move Furniture (If not super heavy.)
Pictures Hung
Pools cleaning and repair
Porch and Flood Lights Installed
Replacement Blinds
Rot repair. (By the hour only)
Shutters Repaired & Installed
Siding Repair
Software Installation
Storage Shed Assembly & Repair
Storm Doors and Storm Windows
Swing Set/Play Set Assembly
Toilet Installation & Repair
Toy Assembly
Light Tree & Hedge Trimming
Trim & Moldings Installed
Under Cabinet Lighting (Vanities and Counter Tops)
Window & Screen Repairs
Window Cleaning
Water Heaters
Weather Stripping
Yard Furniture Assembly

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