I get a lot of requests for quotes or estimates. On some jobs I can do that, but it is not how I like to work.

I can, however, usually give you an ideal how long a project is going to take.  For handyman work, this is the best way to go. It allows for changes and surprises without having to constantly adjust the agreed cost.  This also keeps the price fair for you and me.

And at any time you want to stop, wait, or takeover a project, we can settle up. After the job is done, I often am told told I was worth every penny.

Half Day (0-4 hrs) $100 plus travel ($25 per HR X 4)
Full Day (4-8 hrs) $200 plus travel ($25 per HR X 8)

Note: During extreme busy season when I am booked weeks in advance, (usually spring and summer), full day rates MAY apply for ANY job. You WILL be told in advance.

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